J. Alan Kent’s site selection formula combines research with intuition in the ultimate expression of the company founder’s vision and talent.

Calling on the strength of decades-long business and personal relationships–such as those with realtors, brokers, bankers and municipal officials–J. Alan Kent Development gathers information from credible and legitimate sources to determine not only where the optimum markets are currently, but where they will be in the years to come.

The company’s goal is to plan and provide for the entire range of amenities that will be needed by a community’s needs pyramid, while identifying major areas of potential growth. Room for schools, retail space for banks, daycare, groceries, and repair shops. The opportunity for quality medical care. Easy access to roads and highways for commuters. These factors and dozens of others shape the plans of a J. Alan Kent project, whose focus is always on the needs of its residents. Opening the door for the future businesses and institutions that will support these homeowners is an essential component of J. Alan Kent Development’s process and success.

As J. Alan Kent Development builds long term, local partnerships with lenders and bankers, community leaders, and small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, the company fulfills its mission to create safe, welcoming communities where families may thrive and prosper.